Monday 12 December 2011

JBE Monday: Supporting vs Pushing your children.

Monkey isn't in "proper" school yet. He's not even in kindy at the moment. He was but then we had to come to Sydney for four months for Stud1's work.

But even though he's not in any form of formal education, I worry.

  • Is he getting enough stimulation?
  • Is he getting too much stimulation?
  • Are we pushing too hard?
  • Is he playing enough?
  • Is he playing too much?
  • Should I be doing more home-school activities?
  • Should I just let him do what he wants?
  • Should I be guiding him?
  • Are we being too lax?
  • He's not in a dance/martial arts/art/drama/gym/phonics/music class. Should he be? Which would be best? Jolly Phonics? Letterland? Gymbaroo? Gymnastics? Judo? Karate? Suzuki/Kawasaki/Samsung Method? Classical ballet? Jazz? Hip Hop? Krumping(?) 
  • Should we have a piano in the house - neither Stud1 or I can play but Monkey loves the sound and feel of playing our friend's one. 

All of this is matched with my personal and professional view that all children can achieve their own greatness if given the support and extension they need, when they need it and that kick up the butt that most kids need at some point in their lives.

I hope that what we are doing for him and with him is enough. We may be judged as doing too little by some or too much by others but in my heart I know that he is learning, he is bright and engaged and that he is happy. And that is enough for now. 


  1. I'm sure that what you are doing is enough. Bianca was diagnosed with leukemia 2 weeks before turning 4 and for a year (before she started school at age 5) she was mostly isolated at home and spent a large amount of time in hospital - either inpatient or for treatment. In that time she may have had 4 play dates. She wasn't going to daycare, watched a lot of TV (because what else do you do to fill hours in an isolation hospital room).She didn't really do any activities (because most of the time we had to avoid people) And now? She's just fine. She is doing incredibly well at school and loves the activities she is doing. I'm sure she would have been fine if she carried on with daycare as well, but sometimes circumstances change.

    I'm sure that what Monkey has right now is just enough and you will see he will do just good at school!

  2. I think we all struggle with the same questions. The fact that you are worried about it says that you doing exactly what you need to be doing, caring. :)

    Krumping? They have Krumping class for children? I guess so they can be ready for So You Think You Can Dance?

  3. this..."kick up the butt that most kids need at some point in their lives."...this I love. it is so true. Even the most responsible and diligent of children needs a reality check at times. And the rest, yes. Nodding. xo

  4. He's Four. Go with your gut, but I say let him do his own thing and play, play, play!! :) My kids didn't have any formal activities until after they started school. :)

  5. Fabulous post and great comments from everyone too.

    You care, you love, I'm sure all will be well (but I know, oh yes, I so know what you mean about the questions - the constant is this enough or too much?!) x


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