Wednesday 16 November 2011

What a difference a smile makes.

Yesterday Monkey and I joined Stud1 for a quick coffee at a cafe at Town Hall Station. We were sat by the window, watching the commuters rush to work.

Everyone was looking dour and serious, plugged into Ipods, tablets and phones. Those that weren't, were avoiding eye contact focused on that first meeting, the first client or the first task of the day...

It was all so grown up.


Monkey started waving at everyone walking past and collapsing in delighted giggles when someone waved back.

Suddenly the people walking by became "human", some waved... some just smiled... others laughed and kept going. But I'd like to think that at some point in the day they'd think of the little boy who waved and smiled at them that morning, and smile again.

He smiles at everyone. He will wave people just to make them smile. He gives drivers a thumbs up every time we cross the road. He has started commenting (loudly) about people's pretty clothes/shoes/belt/jewelry. He shares so much happiness with everyone that I am in awe.

It's such an easy thing to share. A simple genuine smile. An acknowledgement of another person's existence. Monkey does it naturally and I am trying to improve. What about you? Will you share a smile with someone?

Source: via LatteJunkie on Pinterest


  1. What a great boy you have! I'm sure he made their day! Have you read Colour me Katie's blog? She is into things like this - random things to make people smile!

  2. He has such a lovely smile - I bet he brightened many people's days!

  3. Adorable photograph and such sparkling, magic eyes he has to match his great smile :0)

    Loved reading this post and your little monkey made me smile x


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