Tuesday 15 November 2011

JBE - My Image of Enough

This week is PND Awareness Week. It's a week in which the public's awareness of the condition will, hopefully be increased. A week in which parents may find the courage to reach out for help. PND affects around 1 in 5 mothers and around 1 in 6 dads. It affects first time parents, second-timers, third-timers etc etc. 

It affected me. Not as badly as it does some mothers and fathers but badly enough.

This weeks JBE prompt was - What is your image of being enough... I thought I would combine the two... Here are my images...

What was...

Source: favim.com via Laura on Pinterest

What is...

 Hope, happiness, luck and a future with my boys!

Source: etsy.com via LatteJunkie on Pinterest

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  1. As a male I have different but similar feelings at times. I can identify with 'I think I want to die but in reality I just want to be saved'. I can remember having these thoughts at age 30 but thankfully not too nuch recently. I do suffer anxieties about the impending departure of our girls.


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