Wednesday 2 November 2011

Things I have done...

I thought it would be fun to do a post on things I have done in response to the things I have never done from yesterday.
  1. Born and raised in South Africa.
  2. Traveled to Zimbabwe, England, Wales, Isle of Wight, Brisbane, Sydney, South and North Island of New Zealand
  3. Seen the Big 5 in their natural environment.
  4. Seen a great white shark catch a seal by breaching at a local beach
  5. Stood with a foot in two countries - Zambia and Zimbabwe
  6. Sat in the eye of The White Horse of Uffington, danced around Stonehenge and stood on Hadrian's Wall.
  7. Had my nose pierced in Covent Garden
  8. Been propositioned in a unisex loo at a gay/lesbian/transgender bar
  9. Worked in programs for Street Children and HIV/AIDS orphans in Cape Town 
  10. Thrown a tantrum in front of a tantrumming seven year old to show him how silly it was.
  11. Thrown up on board a ferry.
  12. Watched dolphins wave surf while sitting on a cliff with my Mum.
  13. Held a cobra, stick insect and various other bugs so as to show children they are not frightening. (shudder)
  14. Stroked a cheetah and held a lion cub.
  15. Done a presentation on safe sex to a Rotarian Club. (TWICE)
  16. Passed my driver's license in three countries.
  17. Signed Silent Night in a school Christmas production whilst seven months pregnant and trying not to be pinched by my student.
  18. Lived in four countries.
  19. Been drunk enough to come back round to being super-smart and super-sarcastic
  20. Come second in a poetry competition and won a writing competition
  21. Held someone's hand while they're undergoing detox after a failed suicide attempt
  22. Dressed up as Posh Spice
  23. Jumped over a Beltane Fire
  24. Successfully gotten my first degree in Reiki
  25. Sworn in sign language and learnt the sign for orgasm.
  26. Phoned the police to report a domestic violence incident and knocked on the door to try and break the tension and ask the women if they needed me to call the police.
  27. Made very difficult choices about career, life and where to live.
  28. Gotten to conversational level in IsiXhosa, Mandarin and New Zealand Sign Language.
  29. Breastfed Monkey until he was two.
  30. Got stuck halfway down an abseil when my hair got caught in the figure eight.
I think I'll stop there! I think thirty is a good number.  It was really fun to write this list and reminded me of many things I had forgotten about... If you know me in real life are there any you'd like to add?

What have you done in your life??


  1. You have enjoyed an active and exciting life. I too have been to Stonehenge.

  2. Wow, you have had a busy adventurous life.

    I was born and raised in South Africa and once visited Zimbabwe.

    Also saw the Big 5.

    I stroked a lion cub.

    I've shaved my hair 3 times before and on the 20th of this month will do it again!

    I have dressed up as one of the 101 dalmation and danced a dance routine with an ogre from Gummy Bears on stage in front of 3,000 people at our company Christmas party.

    Have learned to say the word panhypogammaglobulinaemia without hesitation ;-)

    Can't think what else right now!

  3. Hey, that's one hell of a list you have there. Nice!

    I'd do mine, but it would reveil a lot more than what I'm willing to share on the interwebs right now. Perhaps when I'm a little drunk....


  4. That is a fantastic list!!! You rock!! My husband lived in Cape Town for a year and Pretoria for 6 months.

  5. I think you rock! :)


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