Tuesday 22 November 2011

Mummy, I want a pet.

Over dinner tonight:

"Mummy, I think I want a pet."

Silent panic, why is Stud1 never here for these conversations??

"Oh, what type of pet would you like?"

"Ummmm, not one that farts in my bedroom. I don't like stinky farting animals."


"I understand. That would be rather yuck."

"Maybe a bird?"

"No, honey, you know I don't like to keep birds in cages."

"Oh yes... how about a camel?"

WTH? A camel? A c.a.m.e.l? Well at least that easy to say no to.

"A camel? A camel might be too big for our garden."

"It's ok, I wouldn't pick the biggest."

"Ummm, camels live in the desert, do we live in a desert?"

"No we live in Ostraylayah and in New Zealand."

Pause in conversation as he eats more dinner. I thought we'd ended this landmine of a conversation.
"Mum! A dog! I could have a dog. And it could live in a cave."

Ah crap... which lead to...
"Hmm would you help pick up all its poo?"

"No, I would put a serviette under its bum and it would poo on there. Then I'd carefully pick up the serviette and give it to you."

Double crap! He's obviously thought this through! Think woman think!!

"Would you clean its bedding and take it for walks and feed it?"

Laying on a lot of responsibility may buy us a few more months of no pet...

"Mum, it lives in a cave! It doesn't have a bed! And when it needs a walk, it would phone us and tell us where it wanted to go. Then we'd walk it to Coles and pick up some dog food while we were there."

Sigh... Maybe too much thought went into that. And too much TV and wishful thinking.


  1. Ha-ha - "put a serviette under its bum..."

  2. Oh man, Daniel asked when we were getting a dog today too! ANd this from the kid that's actually freaked out by dogs, lol. What's with the intercountry silent communication?????
    My answer was "no darling, mummy doesn't like dogs, so we won't be getting one"

  3. My littlest keeps up the convo on a pet, too. But hubby & I have made our views very clear!!

  4. The fact that he came up with 2 different options prior to hitting you with the canine variety - disingenuous indeed!

    I'm already preparing my answer, and my little guy is not yet two. I can't be over-prepared, you know?


  5. Ha, ha! Your Monkey has a very vivid imagination! That's the most creative 'I want a pet' conversation I have ever heard! Good luck! x


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