Saturday 12 November 2011

Inspiration Weekly - Air

Source: via Pamela on Pinterest

All week I have been thinking about the theme for this week... Air... I've been replaying the song No Air by Jordin Sparks (video linked as I can't embed it) in my head. It popped in unsupervised and may have been sung in an elevator or two...

The air between us.

You sit so close to me

oblivious to my need for space.
I can barely stand it.

I try to encourage a little space between us.
I need the space to breathe.
A separation of mother and child.
You move slightly further away,
Within minutes, the gap closes
and you are back, snuggled close.

Annoyance builds to anger
I shout, you look crushed and surprised
but you move.

Within minutes the ill-gotten space closes
Sighing, I look down at your dark head
and feel your gentle breathing.

Finally, I realise the truth...
You can't stand to feel the air between us grow cold.  


  1. Wow, what a great poem. You are so talented!

  2. This is a great take on the theme. I too was thinking of so many different ways to go with this over the week and it was hard to narrow it down.
    I've just put the linky up (sorry for being so late this week!).
    I love your poem and can so relate to your feelings in it too.

    The linky is here:

  3. Beautiful. I can relate.


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