Thursday 15 September 2011

RUOK cont...

The year he left - again.
The year after he left.
I was 19 when I found out my father had committed suicide. By gassing himself in his car. I hadn't seen nor heard from him in 12 years but it was still a shock. I was angry. I was angry for the two little kids - my half-siblings, he had left fatherless. 

I was angry because he had cut off all chances at reconciliation. There would be no chance to hear his side of my childhood. 

There would be no chance to get to know him... 

He took away my choice to get to know him. It has taken me many years to forgive him for that.

Please remember that there IS a way out of the twilight zone and there is a always someone to listen, the hard part is taking the step and starting the conversation. You are important to many people and you can get through this.

Thank you to my blogging buddy, who took my little post this morning and prompted me to share more. Baie dankie, vriendin.


  1. Hugs! That must have been so incredibly tough. Not hearing from him for so incredibly long and then to hear he killed himself :-(.

  2. cuddles from across the seas - made me cry xxxx


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