Thursday 15 September 2011

R U Ok Day

In Australia, today is R U OK Day. It's a national suicide awareness day.

I think that it's something NZ should look into emulating as the suicide rates in NZ are astronomical.

So I'll start the ball rolling.

Are you ok? Are you?


  1. I'm ok, glad to know you're doing ok.

    hope your day is lovely!

  2. My dad committed suicide a week before my 9th birthday (in fact I think tomorrow it is 26 years ago). Then my uncle committed suicide about 9 years after my dad (3 days after my 18th birthday). I think it is so good to have awareness. It is tragic when somebody feels they can no longer carry on and that suicide is the only option!

    PS - Please visit my friend Paul. He is a brilliant teacher, a singer / songwriter and an extremely talented athlete. He has just started blogging!

  3. Meant to say his blog address is

  4. How tragic. I hope this raises awareness.


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