Thursday 29 September 2011


I'm forcing myself to write something today so please don't feel compelled to read...

I don't understand the prevalence of really young girls at the botox place in the mall... It's disturbing. Or it works REALLY well, I don't know which it is.

I don't like Korean food. I had kimchi and various things today and I still feel ill. Monkey liked the rice and the free icecream.

I don't think dessert should taste of fish. The Korean crackers I ate at lunch (which were labelled dessert) tasted like fish and smelled like fish food...

Magic shows are kinda cool. We watched one this week and it was pretty cool. Some of the tricks were kinda obvious but I am still marveling at how he turned the doves into ducks... Monkey wants to learn to breathe fire now, which is not a great thing.

I loved playing at Darling Quarter - pictures to come tomorrow.

I miss my friends... But it's only 10 weeks to go until I see them again!


  1. Yeah I agree dessert should not taste like fish :-) Thanks for sharing your ramblings. Sounds like you are missing home a bit!

  2. WTF! They have Botox at the mall there? OMG - so not sure how I feel about that! I can't get past the fact that it is a poison they use to kill rabbits! ( I am pretty sure that's what I was told, or is that mexamatosis?)


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