Monday 26 September 2011

More fun in the hotel room.

Poor photography, but Monkey is exploring water beads.

Next week, thanks to OtherVixie for her awesome suggestion of glow sticks in balloons , we'll explore some dark and light activities with the water beads and the glow sticks.


  1. What are water beads? Please share some of the craft activity ideas you have - am busy putting activity packs together for kids in hospital that we'll be taking in the October School holidays. Am going with Bianca and her teacher who will also be gifting his book to a few of the kids (see

  2. I would like to know what water beads are too. This looks really cool.

  3. Looks like Monkey had a lot of fun! Our sausage loves waterbeads. From what I understand waterbeads are made of a polymer similar to contact lenses that expands in water and then shrinks again when you remove the water (although both processes are rather slow). They are a really unique sensory exploration. Even as an adult I can't help but play with them. Can't wait to hear about the balloons and glow sticks.


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