Monday 26 September 2011

Just being enough in marriage...

USUAL DISCLAIMER APPLIES - Don't read if easily disturbed, upset, worried or if you are related to me! 
Unless you want to...
This week’s prompt: The top area of your life where you would like to apply the Just.Be.Enough. mission of standing taller.

Hmmm... do I "go there" in the blogosphere? Ah shit yeah!

In my marriage, I want to be enough for Stud1.

I want to be beautiful enough in his eyes,
I want to be sexy enough in his eyes,
I want to be interesting enough in his eye,
I want to be supportive enough in his eyes,
I want to be a good enough mother to our son,
I want to be enough that he will continue to come home to us.
I want to be enough that I will come first in his mind and his heart.
I want to know that having known him for more than half my life is enough to stop us feeling like strangers.
I want to know that I am enough that I am still his best friend.
I want to know that my love for him is enough to get us to another ten years and more.

I want to be enough for him, even though in my heart, I feel like I often am not...


  1. Wow, what a great post! Love your honesty! And even though you judge yourself too harshly I would imagine, I bet you really are enough (and more). Remember Sproetjies...

  2. Oh my goodness yes. I am so glad you went here. I want to be so many of those things for my hubby as well. And lately, I know that I am far from it. Thank you so very much for linking up with JBE!

  3. Good for you for saying it out loud (as it were). We all want that, and it's okay to want it!

  4. so beautiful. and honest and vulnerable. Thank you so much for publishing this and linking up!


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