Sunday 25 September 2011

Lyrical Sunday - Underground

Charlotte has settled into her new school and the excitement is wearing off enough to allow her to think of prompts for Lyrical Sunday!

This week the theme is Underground.

Underground Pin-wheel.

As he steps down the flight of stairs,
his pin-wheel is still, silent,
He grasps it tight, concentration apparent
as he steps onto the platform of the underground station.

Behind the yellow line he waits
a picture of impatient childhood
in the fake light that fills
the dirty underground station.

He blows, trying to make the pin-wheel turn,
hoping he is enough to end the stillness.
He waits for the train to take him above ground
away from the murky underground station.

As he waits, the pinwheel slowly begins to quiver,
it catches the faint breath of wind,
as the next train approaches
to take him from confining underground station.

As the light from the train becomes visible,
the pin-wheel spins faster and faster
until it just a blur of sound and colour
held by a little boy on the underground station.

It stops again as he boards the train,
that will whisk him home,
with his beloved pinwheel,
he leaves the endured underground station.

© LatteJunkie, 2011


  1. Very good! You are very talented with your writing!

  2. Oh wow! This is a gem Cyndi! It filled my head with pictures so vivid. This would make a beautiful picture book. Is Monkey the boy in the poem?

  3. Thanks guys, it is indeed Monkey. He got a pinwheel yesterday and was enthralled with it. Especially when the train pulled in and made it spin. :)

  4. Great imagery! You have a talent! It's wonderful that you shared the poem!


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