Friday 23 September 2011

Even in a hotel...

Collage on the balcony.

Even in a hotel, Monkey finds a space to create.
I went shopping at the local art supply store and found amazing crayons that are also pastels and once you add water they become water colours! Most importantly they wash off easily.

I am also toying with the idea of taping some paper to the balcony and using it as an easel. Or as a way to introduce him to tracing. Or to give in and buy the window pens I found at the local Dollar Store..

Do any of you arty ladies (and gents) have any more advice on how to create with a three year old in a hotel room?


  1. oooo what are the crayons/pastels/watercolours called and where did you get them from? (Please say Riot arts and crafts...hehe)

    Maybe a little sand tray for the deck?? with some little cars???
    We bought a $2 pack of foam sticks, pom poms, pipecleaners and googly eyes (and some glue) and my kids have had hours of fun out of that $2!!

  2. Sounds amazing. Well done Cyndi! Must be kinda tough sometimes living in each other's pockets in a hotel room, away from friends and familiarity - but I'm sure the whole experience all up will be amazing and you'll look back on so much of this time and say, 'Wow! Remember when...'

    Hope you've found some decent coffee haunts too xx

  3. The window pens sounds like a great idea - I say get those! Another idea is to get an old cardboard box and make it into a sorting box by cutting different size holes or even better a play fort. He could even draw on it and make it into a castle, rocketship or anything else he imagines. You could also get some glow sticks and put them in balloons with the dark curtains in the room they should light up really well. Also just playing with glow sticks would be fun. They are best in a bubble bath - I am sure he would love a glowing bath.

    Good luck!


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