Sunday 18 September 2011

Lyrical Sunday - Father and Son.

I tried to write a poem, I truly did,
That would capture the love between father and son.
It was to encompass the noise,
the laughter, tears and raised voices of play.
The movement, continuously
changing from soft to rough,
slow to fast, running, building bridges,
breaking barriers.
The lego creations, long discussions whilst poring over them,
And the reading of books, listening to music and crazy dancing...

It would show how they are
Creating a man from the boy and a boy from the man.

It would highlight the love, different to that of a mother's,
yet as important and visual,
that brings me so much joy
and many more things more than they will ever know.

Instead I took photos to show their love to the world....


  1. No doubt Fathers have a very important role to play in their children's lives. Boys obviously can have a unique and valuable relationship with their Dads! Its great that you can share special times together.

  2. Oh yay for fathers & their sons. I know i promised my husband sons on our first date (he asked, i wasn't crazy desperate giddy teenager, just crazy giddy teenager) & well, after 3 daughters i finally gave him one son. My darling boy just had to say goodbye to his father for 6 months, heart breaking, but in the end, we have Daddies girls, i'll always be the boring one who is there, full time, providing & caring, where my husband is the exciting action man they worship. Love Posie

  3. Love the photos! You are right boys and their fathers often share a very special bond!

  4. Awe, how sweet. What a great post.

  5. Gorgeous! So adorable! Sorry Charlotte's been off track with Lyrical Sunday (enjoying her new school though, so that's a plus!). Just yesterday she said she'd like to do the theme 'Underground'! She's thinking gems and crystals - I'm thinking underground parties (if only, ha, ha!). If you feel like joining in they'll be a linky up on Sunday (eek, I better write something!) x


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