Monday 22 August 2011

Misinformation Monday 7

 Why can't I drink coffee?
Well little one, that is a good question. It all begins with the taste. You only really start to enjoy the taste of coffee when you are as old as I am. 
The bitterness will turn you into a grumpy little child. 
The colour will make you turn strange shades of brown, with white spots - much like a reversed Dalmatian.
The heat will singe your throat and make you sound all strange and raspy. 

But most of all you can't drink coffee because there isn't   enough for both of us!

I have had this discussion with Monkey and gave him the sludge from the plunger as his first (and emphatically last) taste of coffee. I wasn't allowed to drink it until I was 16 and my mum figured that the expected growth spurt was, in fact, never coming.

Have a great week messing with little minds!

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  1. Ha, ha! Great post! Hope you find some great coffee haunts in Sydney xx


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