Monday 1 August 2011

Misinformation Monday 6

What is thunder?

Now we already know that rain is a by-product of elves' showering. This of course leads to "what is thunder?"

It's quite simple really. We know that the little elf uses his digger to squish and squash the sponge-clouds into the funnel. Sometimes when it's really hot and he is really tired and just wants to go home and have a cool bath, he gets grumpy. 
And just like Daddy or Mummy, when they are grumpy, he does things a little faster than he should. This rush makes him a little clumsy and he crashes the scoop of the digger onto the side of the funnel as he's putting the clouds into it.

The sound of metal against metal as it is funnelled down the funnel sounds like thunder to us.


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