Monday 18 July 2011

Misinformation Monday 5

How does rain form?
Way up high in the sky, behind the blue, is a teeny tiny office.
Inside this teeny tiny office is a little elf. His job is to make rain.
He collects all the bath water of the elves and fairies and stores them in the sponge-clouds. After a few days of bathing and showering the sponge-clouds get really full. 
He uses a special type of digger that scoops all the sponge-clouds into a giant funnel. At the end of the funnel is a shower head which, when the sponge-clouds are squished into it by the digger, lets little raindrops fall from the sky. If the fairies and elves have been very busy playing and have gotten very dirty, there is more water and we have downpours.


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