Monday 18 July 2011

A challenge accepted - What I like about me!

MinkyMoo challenged her readers to list at least 10 things they like about themselves, to try to break the cycle of negative inner monologue. She found it via CiaoMom - click on the linky below.

  1. I like my hair. It's long and silky, it makes me feel sexy.
  2. I like my eyes, I think they are unusual and often arresting when people take the time to look at them.
    - starting easy here -
  3. I like my patience. I am very patient. I can wait most tantrums out...
  4. I like my voice - it can be scary teacher or sultry phone sex operator or somewhere in between.
  5. I like that my hugs are a cure-all for my son.
  6. I like that I am stronger than I think I am.
  7. I like that have a certain presence in this world and that I am remembered by others.
  8. I like that I am good at writing poetry and that people can connect with what I write.
  9. I like that my cooking makes people happy.
  10. I like my open mind. I like that I can see the big picture (most of the time).


  1. I like you. Without any exceptions x

  2. Love this list....I am like you in being able to see the big picture. Thank you so much for linking up!


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