Monday 8 August 2011

Blogger Abroad!

It would appear that we are likely to be in Sydney for three to four months while Stud1 works a contract for his NZ based company. In about three and a half weeks! Yes, I know! Nuts right!? Although they did want us there on the 22nd of August. That was the date they gave him today... These IT folk have no idea about reality :P

The entire thought of four months away from my friends, favourite coffee, niche is frightening! In order to limit my breaking out in hives, I was wondering if any of you are Sydney-siders? No, I'm not looking for a place to crash rather a guide of where to go with Monkey, where to get the best coffee, where not to live etc etc. 

There is a chance the contract may fall through but I am need to feel prepared and would rather be disappointed that I can't use your great advice than have panic attacks when I land. 

Time to get on with sorting out house-sitters, garden services, insurance, setting up direct debits and so on. Am I forgetting anything? Of course pack for the company weekend in Taupo this weekend... I may *need* more coffee this week!


  1. That sounds AWESOME! And scary!

    I have a friend in Sydney if you want me to ask her if she can give you advice?

  2. Oh wow! That is super exciting! You & Monkey will have an amazing time! It's ages since I've been there but there is soooo much to do and see! Old friends of ours live there now (Dan used to work with - so IT background). They have children and will definitely be delighted to give you some tips and answer any questions you may have. I'll DM you x

  3. Whoa! Big deal!!

    I hope all goes well in the coming weeks of preparation!! x

  4. LOL - Actually - I think it's time you took up drinking again (although not for breakfast - coffee still reigns supreme at that time of day) I have friends in Sydney so yell out if you want contact details :)

  5. Very nice - I am more than slightly jealous. Sydney? Sorry... Melbourne? I might have helped you out there! haha.

  6. So excited for you! I am super jealous. What an amazing opportunity for you, Stud1 and Monkey. Cannot wait to hear all about it!

  7. Wow!! I have inlaws in sydney but I don't think that will help you. Exciting stuff!!


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