Tuesday 9 August 2011

Things I don't understand....

A random selection for your perusal.
  1. The guy who works at a local homeware store and sounds like he should be doing voice-overs for Hollywood. Why is he in retail with a voice like that?
  2. The kid who works at my grocery who told me about his waiting for an oesophagus transplant using stem cells from the USA. Was he for real or was it just his way to liven up the morning?
  3. Why Monkey won't eat sandwiches but will eat all the components separately.
  4. The cafe that advertised the best coffee in town and then served me dishwater.
  5. Why I can't see any of my personality in Monkey, just Stud1's.

    And now for the serious one...
LONDON... I have no words.


  1. These are all mysteries to me as well. (And the riots in London are so sad).
    Another mystery? Why does my to NEED to tell me his butt is clean after he goes potty? Like....every time. "Mama, my butt is clean."

  2. I have a daughter that looks nothing like me, but has all of my traits. She is stubborn, strong-willed, mean, quick tempered, impatient, and knows it without caring. She is a blond version of me. Trust me, sometimes you wish they had your husband's characteristics. ;)

  3. I love the stem cell story (which I'm assuming it is). A friend used to list different occupations on the electoral roll. One election he was an astrophysicist, the next he was a street cleaner. Go figure.


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