Thursday 28 July 2011

Reasons I am proud of my child.

Fine Stud1 - "our" child... Geez, splitting hairs already and I haven't even typed anything useful yet... I could be posting about the fact that he says "Wanker" instead of "white car" but I am still adamant it's the Kiwi accent doing that... Our poor hybrid-accented kid.

Here's my top 15 list of things I am proud he does. (I am bragging - deal with it!)

  1. He says "You're welcome" when someone says thank you to him.
  2. He uses the words, "available, realistically, behaviour, sensible, dinghy, ridiculous, and outrageous" in the correct context in a sentence.
  3. He still thinks chickpea curry is the best meal ever.
  4. If he gets two marshmallows with his fluffy - he will give one to me or Stud1. Because we share our things.
  5. He gives any unattended baby a quick kiss and stroke on the cheek - this may have to stop when he's 12...
  6. He randomly tells me he loves me or that I am the best mum he could have chosen.
  7. He asks people how their day is going.
  8. He knows where Africa, England and NZ are on a map.
  9. He likes to bake cakes and make dinner with me.
  10. He double checks before using words he thinks may not be suitable.
  11. He looks at other children who don't have the same code of conduct as we do and shakes his head muttering "that's not sensible..."
  12. He is able to play with others and share.
  13. He is able to occupy himself and make up games.
  14. He loves to look at books and often wants to read chapter books when we are at the library.
  15. He will greet the neighbours every time he sees them. Even if that means 17 times in an hour. 
Of course I am also capable of parenting like this...


    1. Your little man sounds like a real star! :-)

    2. Ah!! Doesn't he sound like a gentleman!! Chivalry

    3. He is an awesome little boy!!

    4. Sounds like you and Stud1 are doing a wonderful job parenting. I am very impressed with his vocabulary!

    5. He sounds amazing and I am sure he is. Great job being a fantastic mom. We can take credit for things like this and then not take credit for the bad stuff. They have free will and use it regularly. ;)

    6. Number 8 alone should make you proud beyond words. I know a lot of 25-year-olds who couldn't point out England on a map if you paid them. I may or may not be one of them.

    7. what a neat and clever boy you have
      probably coz he has a neat mum like you


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