Monday 11 July 2011

Misinformation Monday

It's been ages. I have no excuse. But I'm finally back with Misinformation Monday, my day to completely mess with kids' heads.

What is under the bed?
In our house there is an entire family of dust bunnies living under the bed. They have a comfortable home surrounded by odd socks, lost books and random bits of paper. They have rearranged things so it feels more comfortable and homey. They love to play all night and make Daddy sneeze. They try to see how many nights he'll last before having a hissy fit. The dust bunny family aren't too bright though, if they were they wouldn't play the game. Each time they play the game, they end up living in our Dyson!


  1. hahaha - oh how I love my Dyson.
    When we moved our bed when we moved in Dec - OMG - so damn disgusting.

  2. At least yours are just bunnies!!! I have dust bears living in my house! I hope your Monday is amazing! : )


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