Friday 8 July 2011

Five Friday Favourites At Five

  1. My pretty button and the html code that Stud1 added for me. How come I forgot that I live with an UberGeek?

  2. Stud1's work have given him days in lieu for working last weekend and he is home today.

  3. Last Friday night's girls night out. What an incredibly crazy fun time! I don't think Thai food will ever be the same nor will that bar ever forget us and our styling dance moves. I am betting they have never seen a bunch of mums cut loose like that! Although the discussion as to whether the artist was Usher or Kanye may have tipped them off to the fact that we don't get out much!

    Ladies you rock! Literally!!

  4. Finding a place for Monkey where we both feel good and at ease. I will miss the personalities at his old kindy but this is a good move. He is also at the same kindy as BusyIzzy which makes me even happier!

  5. This netbook bag... minus the scallops. I hope it'll look as good when I try to make it. I am not renowned for my sewing skills.

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous night out indeed! Like the look of that bag and glad your man worked his HTML magic for you :) Have a great weekend and I'll try to get a Lyrical Sunday theme up for next week - been slack, sorry! x


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