Tuesday 28 June 2011

What croaks like a frog and barks like a dog...


I have been attacked by a lurgy monster which has taken residence in my chest, ears and throat. Stud1 has been very kind and I have been allowed to stay in bed today. 

There is something amazing about watching Cougar Town in bed while Stud1 and Monkey are out doing the grocery shopping. It's not how I pictured my day off from motherhood and I have been told to put another load of washing on while they are out but it's still pretty sweet. 

Please send healthy vibes as I cannot be sick for longer than today otherwise the last week of the monthlong Stud1 fest will not go according to plan. And I have a girls night out planned for Friday with the Yummy Mummys!


  1. get better soon
    bless Stud1

  2. I promise that even though I had it before you, I didn't give it to you through the internet. Take care of yourself... that cold definitely sucks the big one. :( (Hubby stayed home sick with it today!!)

  3. Ack! feel better soon girlie!


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