Thursday 2 June 2011

To Disqus or not to Disqus...

To Disqus or not to Disqus. That is the question.

I want to make my comment section more interactive, make it easier to reply to you or at least acknowledge that I have read them. I try to email replies through directly but often wonder if that makes it look like I don't reply as there is nothing on the blog - is that making sense? The coffee is weak this morning...

Blogger doesn't allow for replying to individual comments or even subscribing to comments (or did I miss that part?) and I have seen a few bloggers swap to Disqus...

So have you used Disqus? Do you like sites that use it. Do you really want me to reply? Or are you happy with an email...

Or is there another tool I'm missing?




  1. I'm not sure - but what I do know is that I'm freckin' SICK of this bullcrap. I have to start making the swap over. *sigh*

  2. A friend uses tumblr but I don't like it because it doesn't allow me to leave a comment, I have to subscribe or something and have an account, so I read, but I don't ever comment on her things.

    Not sure how disqus works - I have always been a blogger fan. I know it allows me to reply to comments that comes into my email, but personally I don't particularly care if somebody replies to my comments or not.

  3. I hate Used to use it until I discovered Wordpress - which rocks. Honestly, if I were you'd I'd migrate across - its a click of a button to do :)

  4. I never expect a reply to comments I leave on blogs - or expect one either - I usually just visit their blog in return and say, 'Hi'. Disqus works okay for me, but some folk find it harder to leave comments. I like having interaction with Twitter & Facebook too.

  5. the tool you're missing is Wordpress. lol

    Disqus isn't my favourite. I don't like using it to leave comments. But if that's what you need to do, I will sign in to leave you comments! :)

  6. Ok - so I will be investigating wordpress further :)

    Thanks guys!


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