Friday 3 June 2011

Five Friday Favourites at Five

  1. Monkey being an angel this morning. I told him I was really tired and didn't feel well (stupid insomnia) and needed to have a little rest while he was playing (and I figured he'd watch his TV show). He tucked me in, wished me sweet dreams and I didn't hear from him for an hour. He was playing in the lounge, I was on the couch and he built an epic rail-track complete with airport, just in case you're thinking of calling social services :)
  2. That Stud1's going to be on holiday for four weeks from this evening!! Celebratory pizzas all round!
  3. A la Mode Photography - my new favourite photographer. I am saving my pennies and hope to have her photograph us soon for some new family photos or maybe just a burlesque shoot...

    Click on the link and the little red headed angel in the top right is Busy-Issy, Monkey's beach playmate :D
  4. Confirming a weekend away in the Wairarapa
  5. Finding this recipe that I thought I had lost...

    Boysenberry Chocolate Brownie

    I'll be making it this weekend for sure!

    Happy Queen's Birthday Weekend!


  1. All sounds superb (apart from the insomnia). Enjoy the next few weeks! Yah! x

  2. You lucky girl! Deserve every lil part of this master plan to come true! :*

  3. raspberry chocolate brownie? You're talking my language, here. Yum!! Jealous of your weekend away, though!

  4. Jealous! A weekend away would be nice, lol. Loving the sound of that boysenberry chocolate brownie!


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