Tuesday 14 June 2011

Nothings and Yesthings

As Monkey says we have been up to nothings but yesthings has been done too. He prefers to use the word yesthings for something. No idea why, it's up there with him being refused (confused) by things. It makes sense to him and we're just going with it...

He is right though, we haven't been up to much really. Just spending time together, having fun and trying to get our house into some semblance of order. It's been long overdue. Our house had become the type of house that you see on the not so flattering TV shows... The type where they bring in the storage specialists but not quite the exterminators.

But now it's looking much better and I am getting a lot better at throwing things out, even if there is some form of sentimental value attached to it. Note to self and Captain Awesome though - ruthless culling of belongings is best not undertaken just before Aunty Flo arrives. Panic attacks and tears will be avoided if we time it slightly better next time.

There are no pictures yet but there will be once we are done!

We have completely revamped our master bedroom, the entry hall has been de-childified as much as we can and will be sporting a gallery area for all Monkey's artworks, the guest bedroom has been returned to a semblance of order as the "Library" and the linen closet is now home to less shoes, tidier linens and Monkey-overflow. Soon Monkey's bedroom will be tidier, easier to keep tidy and be home to a wardrobe cubby/nook and a pin-board for all the postcards he gets from family overseas.

We are also gearing up for our weekend in the Wairarapa! For my non-NZ readers, the Wairarapa is a beautiful part of the world with open plains, rolling hills, wild oceans and vineyards! Truly one of my favourite parts of the world!

PS: I am writing this on my new netbook - Captain Awesome has bought me a cute little Samsung and I love it! He really spoils me and I am not entirely sure why


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  1. I want pictures of Wairarapa. It sounds quite lovely.
    Yeah, revamping the house happens here a lot. I feel the need to de-clutter and organize. It is always a huge undertaking so my thoughts are with you as you do this. I can't wait to see pictures afterwards.


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