Friday 17 June 2011

Five Friday Favourites At Five

1. The courage of the people of Christchurch. They have been plagued with over 3000 earthquakes since September. The latest big one on Monday has hit hard but they are still standing. Kia Kaha Christchurch!  

2. My beautiful new tissue holder from Fay at Imagination Overload. She is an accomplished digital scrapbooker with lots of resources and ideas on her blog. Pop over and meet her!

3. A wealth of wisdom  at A Few Things I Know For Sure
My favourite two -

  • Every person wants to be heard, wants to feel valued, and wants to know what they have to say matters to someone.

  • Blaming others for your misfortune or perceived lack in life is a passive way to live. Taking control and owning your situation is the best way to live deliberately and with purpose.
4. The book every parent needs to read. As read by Samuel L Jackson.

5. Trentham Memorial Park - A park we rarely visit and when we do we always wonder why we don't go more often! It is a huge park with good facilities including a forest walk.

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