Monday 23 May 2011

Mutterings and moans


Where to begin? Is there ever really a place to start? Maybe I should just jump in and spill my guts. Or I should just edit away the bad and focus on the good and the great.

Things ARE good in the Latte home. The signs are trending positive (is that the right jargon or did I make that up?). Life is more positive, I am focussing on the good and trying to change the only person I can (me).

But my personal goals have fallen by the wayside. My weightloss and happiness goals have slipped into the past, into the "selfish" pile.

That "selfish" pile is already full to overflowing (like my laundry basket). It's full of the things that I deem to be too frivolous or too unimportant to others which means that they *must* be selfish. That's where the super-awesome one day deals on hair cuts, massages, time to myself, new clothes, date nights, a cleaner etc go to die a smelly and prolonged death. Prolonged, because I will revisit them and wonder why I don't, why I didn't and why I shouldn't.

Today I will start giving CPR to  the important ones. By getting back on the wagon treadmill, so to speak, I need to remember why I am trying to lose weight, why I am trying to find myself in the midst of my new role and lifestyle, why I deserve to dip into the "selfish" pile and use some of those things.

Please kick me up the butt if I start slipping hugely (to those of you who know me in real-life I am not meaning this literally) and if you think I need encouragement - I probably do...

Onwards and upwards!  Or downwards for the numbers on the scale!

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  1. I love this because I, too, can relate. In fact I have a fat blog with Emily and Jonesie dedicated to the sheer effort of weight loss. You should check it out sometime, if you haven't already. Feel free to join in with your efforts, comments, or heck, feel free to berate me because that's something I haven't tried yet to lose weight, humiliation. Maybe that will work. : ) Good luck on being selfish, I'm not good at that either, but want to get better about it. (didn't our mothers teach us to not be selfish?!)


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