Thursday 3 March 2011

Ugly Green Monster!

No there isn't a cute picture coming of some great handcrafted softie... I am after all, handcraft challenged...

The Ugly Green Monster is our old friend Jealousy.

Today he reappeared in my life. Loudly. Annoyingly. And somewhat painfully.

Today I realised I am ridiculously jealous of the fact that other mums have their mums nearby for support. For a quick coffee. To babysit for a few hours. To help with the washing/cooking/baking/kindy-run/troubles.

I watched the lady across the road get back from her day with her grandson (same age as Monkey) and wanted to cry. I saw a mum I know, vaguely, with her mum out for a shopping trip. It physically hurt. And it made me want to smack the woman - she has moaned before about how hard she's finding it... And I have always supported her... But yesterday - I wanted to shake her and say

"You have your mum!! I have to do this alone!!"

Wow, jealousy really brings out the best in me!!

I know that it was our choice to live so far away. I know, that even if we lived in South Africa, we probably wouldn't live in the same town as my mum. But sometimes all I want is to be sitting somewhere with my mum, trying to convince her to give up smoking, chatting about the new book she's reading and drinking a latte!

Ok - for those of you who were desperate to see a cute green monster...


  1. Ditto. Its been hitting really hard lately :(


  2. Oh i feel you honey, my entire family live in the UK still. My husbands mum helps out every now and then, but it's not like your own mum, the one you can actually ring and say "OMG i might actually throttle my child cause she just pooped on the carpet AGAIN, can you come and make me a cuppa please" and when they just pop round unexpectedly with baking and a hug.

    It's ok to feel jealous, it's normal, human, and shows you have a wonderful heart cause you miss your own mother. xx

  3. Oh Lj HUGS your way. I can only imagine what it must be like. My mama is only a quick plane ride away and sometimes (most times) that is to far too! I often see cars that look like hers and hope like hell that she has decided to surpirse me :(.
    Its ok that you are jealous. I would be too.

  4. Ahhh I know this feeling oh so well. Thinking of you and sending you Mum who survives without her mum hugs. People so often fail to see what they have. Its us who don't have it that want to smack them for not appreciating what we would give anything for!


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