Saturday 12 March 2011

A request....

Just as I sat down to write out a post about Japan and the volcano in Indonesia and all of the other natural disasters around the world, I checked Facebook... As you do.

As I skimmed my friends' status updates, I saw a word. One little word that caught my eye. I re-read the status and quickly scanned down to see if I had missed a crucial update. I had... There they were. Back to back. Two minutes apart.

My friend's status ended simply...

I will defeat this bastard cancer! 
She is one of the first friends I made in the UK. We taught together as a year group team. She showed me the ropes of the UK curriculum and I learned so much from her.  Her wedding is a thing of legend. She has been through so much to become a mum.

Cancer! OMFG. She is my age. A mother of two under six. A simple blood test and her world is upside down. 

My request is simple - 

If you are the praying kind - pray for her
If you are the positive vibes kind - send them her way
If you are the thinking kind - think of her kindly
If you are the wishing kind - wish it away for her
If you are the spell casting kind - cast one
If you are the meditating kind - meditate on her beating this
If you are the reiki kind - please consider sending her distance healing. 

Em B... I am thinking of you and know that you are going to beat this! Eyes and teeth, lady, eyes and teeth! xxx


  1. I have two friends my age battling cancer, one thankfully OK now the other still fighting...It really makes you think about it when they are your age and makes you realise what is important in your own life! Money no, work with family yes!!!

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  3. Made a spelling mistake..praying for your friend!!


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