Friday 11 March 2011

The price we pay for developing democracies.

The petrol price has shot up and we are told to expect it to go up by another 40c in the next few months. The retailers are increasing prices by a minimum of 2% to cover the added cost of freight. Of course, this being a small market, they'll add an extra percent or two just to make them feel better, and we won't really be able to complain as there isn't really much option when it comes to shopping here. 

We live on a remote island in comparison to the rest of the world. The benefits far outweigh the negatives but basically we pay through the nose because we are living in the ass-end of the world! 

These increases are due to the instability in Middle East and Northern Africa. The instability has been caused by the revolutions and civil wars that have, seemingly, sprung up since Egypt's successful revolution. 

Now, as much as I am very happy to bitch about the cost of fuel, goods and services and the amazing ability for corporations to jump on the price-rise band wagon so they can make an extra dollar or three, I would like to start thinking about this in a positive light.

We are paying more. We are paying more because people are trying to live in  democratic societies and overthrow years/decades of oppression by dictators and single party governments.

Who am I to put a price on the freedom of others? 
I am not an activist.
I haven't got lots of money to throw into funding revolutions.
I am not a reporter who can spread the word to millions through media.
I am not an aid worker nor on the Peace Corps... 

I am, however, able to try to complain less about the price of things here, knowing that it is costing others more... Their life, livelihood and having to trust that the unknown is better than the known.


  1. Wow GREAT post! Awesome way to turn things around!

  2. So true. Viva la revolucion

  3. How very grown up of you. Way to take the high road.

    PS. Love the pic!


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