Wednesday 16 February 2011

Why my bathroom smells like a coffee cart...

There comes a time in a latte-loving girl's life when the roses have had their fair share of coffee grinds and dregs and are begging for a break from them. As a well read (cough cough) blogger, you will have come across many uses for coffee grinds and leftover coffee. You will have stored them in the Misc file in your brain until a day such as this.

Now make sure you learn from my mistakes. 

Go back and check what you're supposed to do.  
 Do not even think "Meh, coffee, hair, shower... That makes sense."

It makes one hell of a mess in the shower, you will spend half an hour rinsing your hair (maybe less as I have long hair) and your three year old will be asking "Why you pouring coffee without the ickybit catcher?"

Yes in case you haven't had a coffee today, I did in fact pour the leftover (cold)  coffee over my head... Without the strainer thingy...

Don't tell anyone!

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