Thursday 17 February 2011

A Solo Girls Night In!

This morning I had breakfast at Wellington Airport, not because I was jetting off anywhere exotic or even anywhere boring, Stud1 is spending a night in Brisbane for business.

Usually I am stressed and worried when he goes away, but today I am looking at it positively. Tonight (I know I'm a bit of a sap!) is going to be all about me. Monkey will go to bed happily and not need me again until morning. I am going to have a treat night and watch one of the many dvds I haven't seen since Monkey was born. Or maybe I will just revisit Gilmore Girls, I need a Stars Hollow fix. No matter what I watch I will be having a hot chocolate and a big bowl of Valentines Day Pudding!

I am also going to be reassessing where I am, on many levels. More posts on that in the future!

It is quite weird to be this excited about a night at home alone but I am truly thrilled to get this time to myself!


  1. Ahh...time alone? One of those things you take for granted before having a child! I never knew how much I loved my time alone until I became a mom. enjoy your dvds.

  2. 1. I love Gilmore Girls.
    2. You'll need to email me your email address if you want to claim your prize! (as your comment is to "no-reply@blogger" - no help to me!)...and can't find it anywhere on your page.


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