Saturday 12 February 2011

Two confessions

An emergency Girls Night Out has been convened for 7:30 this evening. 

This GNO is well overdue as the last one I can recall was over a year ago. 

It will be held at McDonalds as we are all pretty broke. It is ridiculously sad that our big night's out are reduced to cheap softserve icecream. But it is the company that counts.

That's confession numero uno.

The second shameful confession is that we bought a "As Seen On TV" product. The only saving grace is that it isn't Zumba, Windsor Pilates or the myriad of torture exercise machines. It's a Magic Bullet and we only bought it because it was cheaper than the coffee grinders we were trying to replace. So far we like it.

So what have you done today that you need to confess?

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  1. Ok, well since you shared...I have spent the ENTIRE day watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. And that's not all...I've given my husband dirty looks every time he's walked into the room and started talking. Alright, I feel better so. Thanks for asking (smile).


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