Sunday 20 February 2011

Lyrical Sunday Week 8 - Under the Ocean

My Atlantis
by LJ

Submerged beneath the crushing blue
I move with the currents, tenuously tied to you
They move me this way and that, pulling me away
From my home, the hidden Atlantis 
As white horses crash above us and currents 
Flow past, million grains of sand erode us
I, the last bastion of Atlantis, stand alone
Testament to masters unknown
Slowly crumbling in the abyss of blue
Becoming one with my watery grave, many argue
High on land, whether we ever existed.

Stud1 wrote his in response to mine...

Our Atlantis
by Stud1
Submerged beneath the crushing blue,
I move with currents, tied to you
They move us this way pull us that
tear apart what we built back

And as the sand around us flows,
its yellow warmth around us close,
the testament of all we built
It lies there still, beneath the silt

Far above, above the blue
great men debate if it was true
What was, what is, what soon shall be
Little impacts you and me

a million grains of yellow stars
in this watery world of ours
together standing here with you
beneath the sand, just we two.


  1. Fabulous. This poem evokes wonderful pictures in my mind. I love to think of ling list worlds under the sea. No doubt parts of our own civilized lands will one day return beneath the waves too.

    Thanks for taking part x

  2. I like to sit on the bottom and look up.
    The blue swallows me.
    How long can I stay here?
    It is deafening.
    I love the roar of silence.
    How long can I stay here?

    I am safe. I am warmed by the serenity.
    I can feel velvet on my fingertips-in my hair.
    How long can I stay here?

    My nose is tickling,
    My chest is burning.
    My head is spinning.
    The blue is dimming.

    Time to surface.
    I need to breathe.
    Just one more second….
    How long can I stay here?


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