Saturday 26 February 2011

Happiness Project/Smaller Update

I am well overdue an update on how Smaller is going. 

To be frank, it's going crap at the moment. I am not making the time to exercise, I am stressed out about natural disasters (as are most people I know), I am eating too much chocolate and I am not finding it easy to focus on the good in each day.

I've been doing quite well with the exercising but this week has been really bad, I haven't got the motivation. At least my eating is mostly good. I haven't given up and bought the chocolate mud pie, I have been craving since the adrenalin/shock wore off after Tuesday. Hmmm, is it shock/adrenaline if you're not actually involved in a disaster? I'll have to google it. Maybe there is a syndrome for people who are affected by bad news... And as I am an emotional eater... this week has been a hard slog!

I must unsubscribe to my news feed for the next week I think... I get very emotional when I read stories about people in Christchurch. I suppose it's a feeling of relief coupled with  "OMFG what if that happens here!!!!" It's making it hard to relax as I am feeling like I need to be doing something. Sadly my handcraft skills are sorely lacking otherwise I would be able to do something. So for now I am sat trying to work out emergency plans in my head. This leads to more stress and less sleep. Can you see the cycle??

The only plus sides I can see is that we are finally talking about emergency plans and my jeans are too big.

Well, I hope you are well and have seen the new button on the top right of my page. I will add more as I come across them and you can, if you have the spare cash or skills, support Christchurch.

Go hug your family and tell them you love them!

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  1. We are woefully unprepared in our home. Forever trying to stock up on essentials and get 'the kit' together. There's book shelves that should be anchored to walls etc. I just have a problem dedicating time to do what I ought to do! The beach was far more appealing today - I know that sounds absolutely diabolical in the light of recent events. And yes, chocolate consumption has increased here too x Hugs to you x


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