Sunday 23 January 2011

Lyrical Sunday Week 4 - Bags

The Bag Lady

Hidden, within her bag, life,
this mother, sister, wife,

walking the pavements
obscured by derision
clutching her bag,
her life

within it
memories of past
pleasures, regrets and successes
wasted by excesses
of drink, chance and risk

life viewed askew,
chosen by some,
obtained by few,
left behind, within the bag

a vision of hope-lost
embodiment of failed dreams
but within the bag...

by LJ


I neither love them
nor adore them      
nor admire them    
nor covet them       
Yet I acquire them 

by LJ

Lonely nights, the only light, 
a cursor on a screen.

I toil away, both night and day
on problems never seen

a little node of program code,
assessments due by dawn

a coffee shot, dark, rich and hot
will breach the early morn.

from my bed, inside my head,
a thousand thoughts are racing

while on the roof with cloven hoof,
the deadline trots it's pacing

and at sunrise, it's no surprise,
my nighttime sleep is shy.

To work I go, and all I know,
bags grow beneath my eye

A busy day, I work away,
on projects all unseen

maybe one day, I'll find my way,
a step up on the ladder

but all this toil, brings blood to boil
and does it really matter

Another day, so here I lay,
The learning curve is steep

I really do enjoy the work
but is it worth the sleep? 
By Stud1


  1. interesting poems
    mines here

  2. Love the Bag Lady poem! Very talented you are

  3. Such talent! You and 'Stud1' are amazing. I always look forward to your poems. The Linky is finally up. Thank you for being so patient with me :) I'll post the theme for Week 5 tomorrow.


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