Monday 24 January 2011

Misinformation Monday Week 2

Why is the sky blue?

My original idea is apparently too close to the truth according to Stud1 but I liked it so here it is...

There is a thin piece of blue silk between the clouds and the sun. It keeps the clouds and the rain close to the earth and helps protect the earth from the heat from the sun.
I'll have a think to see if I can think of something more outlandish today :)

Have a great day warping little minds!


  1. Well...umm.... Because it needs to blue so that trees can be green. The Blue of the sky and the Yellow of the sun mix together to make GREEN trees. Hence why the sky is blue..why the sun is yellow and why trees a green!!!

  2. That is cute, I like that!

  3. Umm - because green was taken by the grass and yellow was taken by the sun and white was taken by the clouds and a purple sky just looks silly!


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