Sunday 12 December 2010

Our take on Christmas

So what does a family without a designate religion do with Christmas?

When I look back on Christmas' past, I don't remember much of the religious aspects (other than the Nativity Tableau made by the dear old minister who had an amazing way of telling the story and NEVER being cast as Mary due to the fact that I could narrate very well). I do remember lots of family things. The happiness that seemed to fill the house in more concentrated doses. Seeing family that we didn't see very often, getting cards from far flung places and reminiscing about those people.

This year we are celebrating Santa Day as Monkey has renamed it. Santa is visiting him, we know, as the man, himself, sent Monkey a message via the Portable North Pole.

We are celebrating the joy of family and friends, regardless that they are scattered across the globe, well thought out presents, lights, and fun.

We will skype those we can, phone those we can't and drink a toast to those who are unreachable. We will take photos, make memories and forge new traditions and celebrate the old. We will be playing carols loudly and singing along badly.

To our mind this is a realistic representation of what Christmas Day is to us. A magical day/weekend that involves an appreciation of family and friends and the recognition that the year has been a long one. We will be introducing Monkey to the Nativity Story, Yule, Litha (as we live in the Southern hemisphere) and Hanukkah by means of stories. They will be part of this time of year for Monkey, hopefully creating an awareness of the spirituality of the world.

So all in all it will be much the same as mine and Stud1's Christmas as kids but without Mass.

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