Thursday 9 December 2010

My first blog award.

My friend Esther over at Siesta Scrap has awarded me with my very first blog award. Thanks hun, you made my day!

The rules of the award are that you list 5 things about yourself that others may not know and to pass the award on to 5 others.

Here goes:

  1. I am a Capricorn
  2. I am always nervous if I put my foot out from underneath the covers at night. (traumatic childhood experience with Psycho Kitten)
  3. I love pineapple
  4. I dislike pumpkin
  5. I'd chose cheese over ice cream.
I am passing this on to 
The Migrating Swans 
The South African Kiwis, 
The Retirement Chronicles

I will add two more later tonight :)

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