Wednesday 17 November 2010

Christmas Cards and Coffee

As you may have realised it is about 6 weeks until Christmas. Now I may not be a church goer but I love giving gifts to my friends and family. As well as the fact that there is no better excuse for a pig out!

Now this year as I am feeling more like myself and capable of thinking more coherently I am aiming to have Christmas sorted by the 1st December (I hate crowds). I am also wanting to actually acknowledge friends overseas by sending them cards... So today I bought the cards and went to get the stamps so that I have no excuse!

I bought 10 stamps for my nearest and dearest's cards. It cost me 6.3 flat whites! I hope they realise how precious these cards are and how much they (my friends and family) mean to me!

Don't get me started on how much delivery to SA, UK and France costs me in coffees!

Happy Holidays!

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