Tuesday 16 November 2010

50 things.

  A few of my favourite bloggers have done a list of 100 things about themselves that others may not know... I thought I would save you some pain and only post 50. If you want more - ask :)
  1. I always wanted to work with challenging/challenged kids
  2. I never wanted to be a teacher
  3. I wanted to be a journalist, social worker or psychologist
  4. I am willing to tell off kids in the grocery store
  5. My teacher voice has made grown men quiver and many children cry (not my intention)
  6. I hate using PCs that run Windows or use IE
  7. I was told that if teaching didn't work out for me, I have a voice suited to 0900 numbers
  8. I wrote a play for my final drama exam using lyrics from Metallica - we got an A
  9. I have two completed, but not published, children's picture books
  10. I know what the NZ Sign Language (NZSL) signs for orgasm and virgin are
  11. I HATE Turkish coffee
  12. My favourite colour is purple
  13. I would love to wear bohemian/gypsy clothing but don't (see 14).
  14. I fear wearing floral fabrics as I am convinced I would look like Nanna's curtains or settee
  15. I struggle to remember terms that are specific to each country I have lived in e.g. lounge, front room, sitting room, family room
  16. I have had two boyfriends ...EVER...
  17. I married the second one
  18. I don't trust short men
  19. I don't like looking at textures as my imagination takes over and they start moving
  20. I didn't like my first room in Residence due to the walls (see 19.)
  21. My brother is training to be a minister
  22. I used to be youth leader at church
  23. I have jumped the fire at a Beltane Celebration
  24. I have 40 books on Wicca, Reiki and Crystal Magic
  25. I have a first degree in Reiki
  26. I am christian, pagan, wiccan, a believer in humanity
  27. I regret never smoking weed in uni
  28. I would love a labrador puppy
  29. My favourite dessert is tiramisu
  30. I had my nose pierced when I was 25 in Covent Garden
  31. My brother in law is a living statue and lighting guru
  32. My other brother in law is a cycling guru and a rocket scientist.
  33. I stopped biting my nails because my Gran told me the nice boy down the road would never go out with me if I had scraggy nails... He was boyfriend number two. 
  34. I love Indian food and would love to own a tandoor oven
  35. I burn myself cooking at least once a week
  36. I was told by my art lecturer to never teach art to kids as I had no aptitude for it. 
  37. I am not perturbed by tantrums after working with autistic kids
  38. I have a calming affect on children (unless I really want them hyped up)
  39. My favourite food to cook is pizza
  40. I want a tattoo but am scared of the pain
  41. I was constantly told I was too quiet in school
  42. I want blue streaks in my hair
  43. I am trying to be more authentic
  44. I used to hate Christmas until I had Monkey
  45. My favourite song is November Rain by GnR
  46. I believe in people helping themselves
  47. I learned NZSL for work and taught Monkey some from 6 months
  48. I want to learn Mandarin
  49. I believe that religion blinds people to the good in others
  50. I believe in karma

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