Friday 26 December 2014


I love fairy lights and spoiling people I love. I love the magic and the tinsel. I love the sound of church bells at midnight and the smell of cinnamon and incense. 

I love the smiles on happy faces and the sounds of laughter at stupid cracker jokes. I love family recipes and traditions, old and new. 

I love the carnage of paper, the smell of new books and lego. I love the sound of the skype ring tone.

I miss the people I can't be with. I ache for those who have passed on. I feel the gaping hole left because I live here and my family do not. I miss what it was.

I cherish those who understand and make it a little easier. A message here, a skype call there. A quiet hug and a simple nod of empathy. I cherish those moments stolen from their busy days and families to let me know that my family is global. My choices haven't been for naught. 

I thank the universe for Monkey. For his presence is the best gift on any day but especially on Christmas.

If your Christmas has been hard - I send you spoons... 

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