Saturday 11 October 2014

Never post

I don't need a song to remind me to miss you
To remind me that I should be feeling sad
The song will just become the soundtrack to the places I find you
when I'm not looking for you
Every time I pick a lemon from a tree
or walk on the beach at night, listening to the music of the waves
You'll be there
You'll be on the other side of a pool table
or in sun outside a cafe or in the taking of a photo
in the throwing of a ball or in the moon through the trees
You'll be missed when I need a hug with no questions asked
and when I can't stop crying at midnight
I'll remember to be sad when I want to be open and honest
and you're not there to listen to my bravery
I'll remember to be sad when I can't snap out of it
I'll remember to be sad when you leave, it's inevitable that I won't forget
Because you're more than that song and those things
You're you.

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