Sunday 24 November 2013

Lyrical Sunday: Black

It's been a week of too much thinking, too much acting and too much dreaming. This came together yesterday - quickly.


silver tipped waves etch charcoal lines on moonlit sand
night-blackened swells swirl around her hips
silver tipped tears smudge mascara lines on moonlit skin
the time had come to let go
she opens her palm and watches them fall,
precious memories to her, once,
now, merely tarnished gold,
into the black ocean
into all that has passed before
now treasures to be found by others 
and the memories will be the fictitious limning of minds not hers.



  1. Oh darling, you write so beautifully, bravely and with such emotion. Big hugs. This is truly beautiful, like you xx

  2. Here's my poem on the theme 'Black' x Thanks for encouraging me to write again x


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