Tuesday 19 November 2013

A Happiness Brain Dump

Happiness can be found in a touch. A touch of a hand, a thought or a memory. It can be found in a hug from a friend or lover. It can be found in the palm of a 5 year olds hand.  Happiness can be found in the words of another, in the gestures and prayers they make or offer to you. Happiness can be found within, on the darkest day when all is lost but - yet - a feeling remains. Warm in the rain, almost immune to the pain, it waits to blossom. Happiness can be found in the talking with friends, in the trusting and sharing. In the care and compassion found in quiet moments of transparency. Happiness can be found in the smallest of gestures - more often than in the grandest. Happiness is found within. If you cannot allow yourself to realise it exists, to notice it - you are never able to feel it. I am blessed with the ability to notice it... But moreover I have people who remind me where to look...

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