Saturday 9 November 2013

Choice and Hope are infinite.

On Tuesday, I laid aside my fears and got a tattoo. It represents my belief in choice and hope are infinite. 

There is always another choice to make. Whether it's simple - left or right; chicken or beef; or complex - yes or no; stay here or move on.

There is always hope, on the darkest of days, I hope that I'll see the glimmer of sun I need, or that someone will bring a break in the clouds with them...

Without my belief in choice being paramount in my life and that I have an unending supply, I would have crumbled and broken. Knowing, too, that everyone has the freedom of choice and that I have no right to control their choice or their path is a blessing. 

I'd been thinking about using two words and was umming and ahhing about which one to use - choice has been a given for YEARS... and in an ironic twist, the day I got my tattoo, my mom posted a FB pic which said simply -

 HOPE: Hold On, Pain Ends.

Simply put, it was a perfect word and I have always held on to the belief that we can all hope for something better, it feeds us in our attempts to get to that something...

The butterfly is a tribute to my mom, who got her first tattoo a week ago.

Remember that there is always another choice to make and if there is hope, there is a way.

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