Tuesday 22 October 2013

Ninja Cookies!

This weekend was The Sisterhood's Ninja Cookie Drop. I participated last year and loved it!

There's something magical knowing that around the country there were over 100 women, men and kids baking for 400 strangers... I baked for three people I didn't know. I wrote them all a note to explain that there was someone out there who was thinking of them and loved them.

I baked last year and loved the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction it gave me to be able to do something so simple for another person. Which is why The Sisterhood is so special to me! It encourages a simple act of giving... it can be elaborate or simple... just as long as you're giving from the heart.

 This year I was lucky enough to have much more help from Monkey! He really bought into the idea behind it and wanted to nominate all of his friends and other people we know but unfortunately I didn't have enough baking to go around.

The highlight of the day for me was coming downstairs and having him tell me to go to the letterbox. In the letterbox was a bowl from the kitchen with a brownie in it and a letter...

To Mum From K.... Is there any pudding? I love you! I like you!

Which to me is more precious than even the poem from The Sisterhood.

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