Sunday 23 June 2013

It crumbled - a poem for last night

It Crumbled

it broke late that stormful night
the levee crumbled and floated away in the salt stained waters
it broke later than it should have
it broke. waited with fears and melancholy thoughts of where it wasn't
it broke and plunged into the darkened night 
black glass crushed below silver salt
it rolled under the waves as they came, as they came, as they came
it crumbled further,
it was caught 
within that net it hadn't seen  -
a warm anchor - an embrace
pulling it all back together
piece by piece 
whispered words building the levee walls
piece by piece
salt to salt
it stopped leaking, the waves receded,
it stopped moving deeper into the black night
and it had passed 

she finally breathed on her own


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  1. Stunning words, chosen with care, strung together with skill, leaving magic. You are so talented!


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